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Empowering Providers & Organizations to Eliminate Inequalities in Perinatal Health Care

Diversity Science, led by Project Director Rachel Hardeman, PhD are developing a set of online learning (e-learning) modules to assist hospitals in meeting the training stipulations of California Dignity in Childbirth and Pregnancy Act (Senate Bill 464). Using best practices, the e-Learning experiences will use story-telling, evidence and concrete examples, bringing the content to life through the experiences of patients and providers. The e-Learning modules will be available free of charge. Learn more at our project webpage

Equity and Inclusion Services

Climate/Culture Assessment and Audit

Our assessments yield meaningful feedback and actionable recommendations. We go beyond the usual organizational assessment to get at the underlying issues and the core factors that truly impact inclusion, diversity and equality for the organization, employees, and the people they serve. We can benchmark you on key factors, allowing to compare your organization to others.

Training for Thriving in Diversity

1) Evidence-based elearning experiences. 2) Live trainers with a very high level of expertise and demand – so we specialize in those who need our level of expertise. 3) A train-the-trainer certificate program.

Our training is always a positive experience for all participants and always fully responsive to latest scientific and practical evidence.

D&I Advocate Support & Consulting

As a diversity & inclusion officer, advocate, champion and/or trainer, do you ever wish you had more support for your work?  We offer supportive, empowering, evidence-based, consulting, coaching and training. Your path is complex and not always straightforward. We understand that path and have the expertise, experience, and supportive approach needed to create real benefit for you and the people you serve.

Our Values Define Us


Living our Values

We share a set of core values that define us and and guide our decisions, our priorities, and the way we work with organizations, with individuals, with stakeholders, and our industry partners.




Our work will be cutting edge, effective, and fully responsive to the strongest current evidence on what works.




We will empower everyone we work with by identifying, reflecting, emphasizing, and building on their strengths.




We will foster the safe space and growth mindset needed to create true change.




We will meet client needs and accelerate their progress towards achieving diversity, inclusion, and equity goals.


Mutual Respect


We partner with you to provide a supportive, evidence-based, data-driven and strengths-based approach to achieving your diversity, equity and inclusion goals. We offer both comprehensive wrap-around services and freestanding services including assessment and audit, capacity-building through training and learning experiences, and coaching and consulting.


Full Inclusion is Crucial to Organizations and Their Members

Inclusion and diversity drive innovation and growth. Yet achieving full inclusion is complex. Most commonly used approaches do not work and can even make things worse. We make things better.

Everyone can reach their full potential

Everyone is proud of their diverse identities and strengths

The organization reaps the full benefit of diverse skills and strengths.


Protecting Yourself and Your Patients
from Implicit Biases

How can you prevent implicit biases from negatively impacting the level of care patients receive? Discover the latest research on how D&I training helps healthcare providers deliver more attentive, effective care.

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