Organizational Inclusive Climate Assessment & Data-Driven Recommendations

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Our organizational inclusive climate assessments measure the aspects of your climate and culture that truly matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓How Will We Benefit?

The results of the Inclusive Climate Assessment will provide you with clear and actionable, evidence- based, and data-driven recommendations to guide you in creating positive and sustainable change.

You will make more informed, more efficient, and more effective decisions that result in measurable improvement.

  • A clear picture of your current strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Clarity on the most effective and efficient use of your resources
  • Compelling information that will increase stakeholders’ openness to and endorsement of positive change
  • A baseline for tracking progress over time

❓What Does the Process Involve?

Organizational Learning.
We gain insights into your unique organizational context, terms, and structure. We use that information to adapt the questionnaire for maximum relevance.

Preparation & Communications.
We use the information we gain from Organizational Learning to adapt the questionnaire to your organization’s nomenclature and structure. All survey questions are validated, and we provide you with best practices and suggestions for internal communications that increase employee response rates.

Inclusive Climate Survey.
Participants will be invited to complete an entirely confidential online questionnaire consisting of validated and tested measures that assess the organizational factors that matter. Most participants will take about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire, which includes close-ended questions (multiple choice) as well as open-ended questions (write-in).

Analysis, Interpretation, & Insights.
Our expert and experienced scientists have developed a way of extracting meaning and insights from the data that goes above and beyond simply looking at the responses to each of the survey questions.

Reporting & Strategic Advising.
You will receive usable information and insight into your strengths and areas for improvement. Through the report, presentation, strategic advice, and discussions, you will gain clarity on the most effective next steps in an overall comprehensive plan. Data-driven and evidence-based strategies and expert advice will boost your trajectory and help create sustained momentum toward achieving your goals.

❓What is the Typical Timeline?

The infographic below shows the typical timeline. For some organizations, this timeline may be compressed by approximately one month. 



❓What Deliverables Will We Receive?

The infographic below shows standard deliverables. Talk with us if you want more, less, or something else.


These deliverables combine to provide you with a clear picture of your current strengths, opportunities for improvement, and the most impactful next steps for a clear path forward.

❓What's Our Investment?

Great Question! A few different factors will affect pricing, so we will prepare a customized quote for your organization.

Factors that affect your organization’s investment include:

  • The number of participants.
  • The number of survey versions. Common examples include:
    • Participant groups that differ from each other enough to need different versions of the survey
    • Surveys in more than one language
  • The number of subgroup analyses. Common examples include:
    • Comparisons between different locations within the organization
    • Separate examination of each department within a location
    • Subgroups of employees by job role
  • Optional add-ons. Common examples include:
    • Additional presentations
    • Additional principal consultation, strategic advising, and inclusive leadership coaching (if over the included 4 hours)
    • Bundled services (for example, evidence-based eLearning + facilitated training / workshops)

Your Outcomes

Stronger Decision-Making

collaborative learning group activity

Higher Performing Teams

High Quality, Equitable Care, Education, or Services

Lasting ROI

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