Our Core Team

Diversity Science: Proven DEI Solutions

Diversity Science was founded by Dr. van Ryn, former Professor at Mayo Medical School and OHSU and Director of the Research Program on Equity and Inclusion in Healthcare at the Mayo Clinic. We founded Diversity Science to accelerate DEI progress through evidence-based and effective approaches.

Our training programs are rooted in scientific evidence from the mind sciences and adapted to real-world settings. We continuously evaluate our programs to ensure they are cutting-edge and effective.

Our organizational climate assessments measure what really matters and provide organizations with concrete, actionable steps based on their strengths and opportunities. Our team is comprised of the best minds and people with both deep talent and commitment to our values.

We don’t do it all, though. Click here to see a list of contributing Subject Matter Experts


Our Values


Our work is fully responsive to scientific evidence, best practices  and rigorous methods


Our clients can count on absolute confidentiality, integrity, and respect



We build on strengths and increase resilience



We provide actionable recommendations that drive results


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