About Diversity Science 

Diversity Science is a public-benefit company that champions an evidence-based approach to inclusion. Our team is made up of experts and practitioners who bring perspectives from behavioral health, organizational management, and diversity, equity, and inclusion practice. Our work reflects the expertise of our team and deep collaboration with those who are leading change today.

Our Commitment to Each Other 

We believe that diversity makes us better. We believe that inclusion helps us thrive. We believe that equity is imperative. We are therefore committed to creating a collaborative workplace where we all can show up authentically and contribute fully to our shared mission.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Mission and Values

Our Mission: to translate the strongest evidence into practical and effective approaches for achieving true equity, deep diversity, and full inclusion for the benefit of organizations, their members, and the people they serve.

In our work and workplace, we are always guided by our values:

  • Strength-focused: we will empower each other by recognizing, valuing, and building on our strengths.
  • Learning-focused: we will continuously learn from each other by creating a safe space for growth
  • Evidence-focused: we will be effective and innovative by leveraging the best available science
  • Mission-focused: we will always act in service of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

Meet Our Team 

Michelle van Ryn, PhD, Professor, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Executive Director Partners in Equity & Inclusion
Michelle van Ryn, CEO and Lead Scientist
John Dovidio, Lead Scientific Adviser, Facilitator & Executive Coach
Benjamin D. Reese, Jr., Adviser, Trainer, and Executive Coach
Julia Przedworski, Director of Data Insights
Brooke Cunningham, MD, PhD
Brooke Cunningham, Consultant and Speaker
Sean Phelan, PhD, MPH
Sean Phelan, Scientific Adviser and Speaker
Rachel Hardeman, Perinatal Health Equity Project Lead, Scientific Adviser and Trainer
Rebekah Pratt, Consultant
Nick vanRyn-Gregg, COO/CFO
Sylvia Perry, Scientific Adviser and Speaker
Axcelle Bell, DEI Facilitator and Narrative Researcher
Joe Reinhard, Instructional Designer and e-learning Developer
Emily Ruff, Director of External Engagement
Kerry Proctor, Senior Executive Assistant
Willard (Willy) Ruff, Director of Pawsitivity