Equity, Full Inclusion & Diversity Consultants

We bring a blend of deep expertise and industry specific knowledge to assist leaders in creating a plan to optimize organizational growth. EIS advises C-Level executives, educators, and Diversity & Inclusion professionals by helping them make smart, sustainable, and effective decisions.

Empowering Leaders With Expert Knowledge To Create Fully Inclusive Environments

Organizational Alignment & Integration

We excel at ensuring your brand promise meets the diverse needs of those you serve with exceptional proficiency at synthesizing optimal decisions with good business.

Expertly Informed Partnership

We excel at digging deeper and helping you ensure that inclusion, equity, and diversity efforts are reached to achieve full benefit.

Thought Leadership

Our team conducts industry defining research and has lead inclusion, equity, and diversity efforts in top organizations allowing us to offer you the most innovative and effective solutions.

Many inclusion, diversity & equity approaches to-date reflect a very superficial understanding, if not outright misunderstanding, of this complex body of knowledge. This has led to widespread failure of D&I efforts. Organizations are not only wasting resources – in many cases, things have gotten worse

Partnerships To Accelerate Inclusive Change

EIS has a collaborative and intentional approach when creating an inclusive synergy between practice and partnership. We are committed to immersing ourselves in your organization and business by understanding the culture, aims, strengths, and challenges. EIS develops a unified strategy and identifies targeted solutions that result in maximum impact, optimal performance, and sustainable systemic change. We blend this unique balance of expertise and industry specific knowledge toward accelerating your organizations inclusion and equity initiatives.

We have deep experience and expertise in:

  • Inclusion and Equity Strategy
  • Workforce Inclusion and Engagement
  • Patient & Consumer Insight
  • Policy Integration
  • Brand & Reputational Alignment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership

How do we work?

  1. Identify & Prioritize Organizational Need

    Building a comprehensive lens for future growth by establishing a deep understanding of an organization’s unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns

  2. Build A Plan For Implementation

    Maximize participation and ensure quality data collection by asking questions that are relevant and relatable through an effective communication strategy.

  3. Develop Tailored Assessment Tool(s)

    Translate aims and priorities into a set of measurable constructs.

  4. Collect & Analyze Data

    Data is collected following evidence-based strategies and conducted by deeply experienced researchers and practitioners in this perspective area of study.

  5. Provide Reports & Recommendations

    Interpretation of data by highly skilled Diversity & Inclusion scientists that will provide tangible reports along with actionable recommendations for services offered by EIS.

Partnerships To Accelerate Inclusive Change

We have learned that the optimal path to achieving full equity and inclusion starts with establishing a close partnership with our clients. A partnership with EIS will provide you with an expert team of scientists and professionals that will walk you through the process of reaching your goals from design to implementation.

Let’s get the conversation started.

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