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What Do Healthcare Organizations Tell Us About Why They Love Using Our Courses?

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Why Are Our Courses Uniquely Effective?

They are guided by a robust evidence base on both what to teach and how to teach, including:

Equipping learners with scientifically proven practical strategies they can apply immediately.

Linking learning objectives to learners’ core values

Making courses convenient and engaging.

 Fostering shared insight and mutual support

Providing cases and examples directly applicable to learners’ real-world

We use an unparalleled rigorous development process:

Applying cutting-edge and rigorous evidence to course development

Working with top Subject Matter Experts

Evaluating the course with clinicians and providers and revising based on findings

Only releasing a course after our evaluations show it meets learning objectives and has overwhelmingly positive ratings

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Customized Course Development with Mission-Aligned Organizations

Under some circumstances, we develop customized courses for mission-aligned organizations

We are a chosen course development provider for the California Health Care Foundation, Boston Scientific Close the Gap, John Snow, Inc, NY Presbyterian, Mayo Clinic, and the MN Department of Health, among others

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Our courses and materials can be used as a stand-alone program or to enhance an existing training program.

Trainers and facilitators looking to boost their programs can license our on-demand courses, guides, and supportive resources.

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Prevents unintended & implicit biases

Improves patient experience & satisfaction

Increases workplace inclusion and belonging

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What Your Colleagues Say About Diversity Science Institute Courses

– Physician Leader

“The organizers and presenters were all wonderful and the audience shared such meaningful stories and questions. This content is absolutely important – I wish we heard about it more, to…

– Healthcare Leader

“All great. I liked the research results and scenarios/examples – the more the better.”

Brian L, MD

This was great. went levels deeper than previous trainings I have attended. appreciated the evidence provided too. thank you!

– Provider

“Think the training was excellent due to the way it is grounded in research in the field.”

Non-Clinical Staff

“The course was very approachable and informative for someone who may be entirely new to gender diverse care as well as reinforcing to those who have some experience with it.…

– Behavioral Clinician, PA

“I thought the information was wonderful, I learned a great deal. I thought the information on negative experiences and that leading to foregoing care was important.”

– Nurse, SC

“It seemed very comprehensive and detailed.”

– Social Worker

“This was a very thought provoking topic and very useful.”

– Provider

“This educational activity is very helpful for all employees and to think first about how to treat patients.”

– Provider

“It was very informative and eye opening.”

– Provider

“This educational training was on point and did not take lots of time.”

– Provider

“It made me think about things I hadn’t considered.”

– Nurse

“This is an excellent training course. It should be mandatory for all employees.”

– Provider

“Great job.”

– Provider

“I found this activity very beneficial.”

– Provider

“The video was very educational . I’m glad I saw it.”

– Nurse

“Great activity.”

– Provider

“Very helpful, especially for new employees.”

– Provider

“The content writers demonstrated expertise in the content area! Thank you.”

– Behavioral Clinician, NJ

“I really enjoyed this training. I think the information was presented in a way that was clear and simple to understand, but did not patronize viewers. The important piece of…

– Physician, NY

“I found it very helpful and informative. I really enjoyed how much information was conveyed in understandable and easy ways. I also liked the graphics and found them to really…

– Nurse, CA

“This course was excellent, organized, and beautifully presented. Most valuable to me were the content and delivery. Structured in a way that assumes the viewer has zero knowledge, the learning…

– Nurse, NY

“Overall, this is a good course for health practitioners and what I find most valuable is the teachings of cultural competence which is very important in this field of work.…

– Nurse, CA

“I found the course to be very insight and very helpful. I think this course will certainly help healthcare staff and provides to promote a safe environment for future patients.…

– Behavioral Clinician, FL

“It was very informative. I actually gained some insight into what the actual terminology that some of these types of patients refer to themselves as.”

– Provider, OH

“I thought the course was comprehensive and helpful. I think that it is vital to ensure high-quality care for gender-diverse patients. I feel so much more educated on the topic…

– Nurse, AL

“I thought this course was very user friendly and easy to understand. It was motivating in making me care about the content and be open to learning in this area,…

– Nurse

“There are a lot of stuff I have learned today in this course, especially the way care needs to go given to Trans People. Overall, very high quality and educative…

– Provider, DC

“It was definitely eye-opening. There was a lot of terminology I was not privy to nor ever heard before. I think this course would be a great resource for current…

– Nurse, FL

“I liked that the information was presented in a friendly approach that understands that many healthcare professionals could always use more training in this area.”

– Behavioral Clinician, IL

“ As a Queer woman who works in healthcare, I was very impressed by this course. It makes me so relieved and glad that we are trying to educate others…

– Behavioral Clinician, PA

“I appreciated how it explained not to use your patient as a resource, while still being able to ask questions to provide the best care. I also appreciated the tips…

– Provider, IN

“I felt this was a good learning course that included basic information relevant to patient care. I did learn some new ways to ask relevant questions. This is a useful…

– Office Administration, TX

“I think one of the most valuable parts was the patient stories and sample experiences because they showed the detrimental effects of non-gender-affirming care and what sort of things healthcare…

– Office Administration, MI

“I thought the course was great and very informative. I love the tips and things that I did not think about being so important, such as making sure to display…

– Medical Technician, FL

“The course was very thorough, and covered mostly everything. It was a well made course that taught me a few things I did not know. The course is a must…

– Behavioral Clinician, OH

“I am very pleased with the information that was included in this course. I think that it was a great overall presentation of client care and how to incorporate this…

– Office Administration, PA

“I feel the course was very informative. I learned the different types of gender and how professionals should approach and handle these types of patients. The course was quick and…

– Nurse, AZ

“I think this course helped me a lot because I have never had any education on this subject. I think it helped me to understand in a better way how…

– Office Administration, KY

“Although not a direct patient care provider, I do work with patient intake. Understanding terminology and best practices in obtaining vital information will be of great value to me. Our…

– Behavioral Clinician, MI

“I think this is a very informative course. It’s also a very important course for all people not just healthcare staff and providers. I did learn some new information. I…

– Behavioral Clinician, MS

“The course was extremely helpful. I’m amazed at how I learned so much from the videos. The most valuable thing to me in this course was basically they deserve to…

– Nurse, CA

Your organization has been so helpful and our OB medical director mentioned the content of your module many times this morning in her annual presentation to our executives and quality…

– Nurse, CA

“I found this course to be insightful and invaluable. As a heterosexual male, I have not thought about the sensitive topics that I need to modify when communicating with transgender/spectrum…

– Physician

“I loved the topic about what strategies are there to prevent unconscious bias….the sections about the patients that have been mistreated made me understand how patients must feel if they…

– Social Worker

“Precise information.”

– Nurse

“Nicely done. Engaging. Easy to take in and remember facts.”

– Nurse

“I liked the case studies, very much in tuned to today’s cultural biases.”

– Provider

“This was great!”

– Provider

“The course was excellent.”

– Provider

“Provided good information; helped to reflect on our everyday lives.”

– Physician Assistant

“I felt this was a well-rounded educational activity! No changes! I would recommend to others.”

– Physician

“Training itself is a good length. Succinct but also lots of good info.”

– Physician

“Practical and efficiently presented in 30 minutes.”

– Physician

“I appreciate that specific strategies to reduce the impact of unconscious bias were discussed.”

– Physician

“Great topic and training.”

– Nurse

“Very informative and truly required in the USA.”

– Nurse

“It was very informative and had real life experiences. This course should be offered more frequently to all staff members.”

– Healthcare Personnel

“I think there needs to be much more of this type of training. This is the correct way to forge ahead unlike America’s current political climate.”  

– Healthcare Personnel

“I really liked the visuals of the brain!”

– Healthcare Personnel

“I really enjoyed how the information was presented. It is a difficult subject to teach or even just talk about.”

– Healthcare Personnel

“I believe this training should be presented biannually, if not annually, and incorporated in new hire training.”

– Social Worker

“Great presentation and very important topic.”

– Social Worker

“Great course. Should be done every 6 months.”

– Physician

“The final strategies for combatting bias are important.”

– Physician, Medical Director

“Just as I use science and best practice to approach my patients through conscious clinical practice, I need to … use that same science to address the blind spots that…

– R.C., Nurse

“Great training on a very important topic not only in healthcare but in our everyday lives.”

– L.D., Social Worker

“I enjoyed learning about studies conducted.”

– Physician Leader

“Every one in todays world need to go through this training, biases are real it impacts our – patients, employees and communities, we all need to actively work together to…

– Physician

“Great job by the presenters and appreciate this training for our staff. I love our company”

– Nurse

“I thought the material was wonderful.  Very insightful.  Eye opening.”

– Physician’s Assistant

“Other training made me focus on trying not to come across as biased. That just made things worse. After this training, I will focus on seeing things the patients eyes,…

– J.L., Physician Assistant

“Excellent visual/video creation. Interesting and interactive.”

– Physician

Thank you for incorporating this training within (ORGANIZATION REDACTED). As an African American woman myself, I understand the full circle of unconscious bias as both a patient and provider. Again,…

– Physician

“Thank you for this topic – I believe there will be a tremendous elevation in the level of care delivered following broad distribution of this material.”

– Healthcare Staff

The black man William the biases that he experienced are what I have experienced in my organization. I think the video will be good for some of my coworkers and…

– Nurse

“The varied vignettes to present a whole picture of an individual and how/why they have biases toward them AND how to avoid showing bias toward them was a very effective…

– Nurse

“This was a great educational presentation…a topic every individual can work on and grow. Our members/patient’s deserve unbiased care.”

– Nurse

“This was a great introductory course, far more extensive than previous implicit bias trainings I’ve received in the past”

– Healthcare Provider

“This was a great learning opportunity and I appreciated the research and thought put into this.”-

– Nurse

“This was an excellent educational activity that is important to revisit frequently as a refresher.”

– Physician Executive

“I expected to multitask but I was completely engaged. It was great information, well presented, with excellent pacing.”

– Physician

“(I like that).. you use examples of gender and weight bias along with race. This subject matter is about many patients.”

-J.W., Physician

“Very good, nice balance of didactic material and case vignettes.

– Physician Assistant

“Very informational and applicable to clinical practice.”

– Health care staff

“Very informative and opened my eyes to unconscious bias that I did not realize I had. Thank you.”

– Health Care Staff

“Very informative. Never really thought about it till today on how I see patients, or how they see me, how they feel.”

– Physician

“A very succinct and thorough presentation of the topic.”

– Social Worker, Hospital

“Very to the point and well done”

– Physician

“Very well done and informative. I appreciated the relatable application of these strategies for improvement.”

– Nurse

“Well condensed, useful info presented in a very professional manner. Thank you.”

– Perinatal Care Nurse

“These are tools [that help] to address these issues head-on, and not avoid talking about them.”

– Nurse

“I feel this course is really helping me become a better nurse.”

– Physician

“Thank you for this training – it will make us stronger as a team and help us provide better care and service to our patients!”

– Clinician

“The course changed my life. Thank you!”

– Nurse

“Before this course I never really understood unconscious bias. Now I do – and I know what to do about it!”

– Provider

“I loved it! It was so interesting and encouraging – I can’t believe how much I got in such a short time.”

– Department Chief

“It’s very important to us that we work with people who are evidence-based. Your team has just the right mix of expertise and practical knowledge to be credible to our…

– Executive Leader

“I was pleasantly surprised how well some on my team received this training – and observed that it indeed applies to us. I credit your experience, academic backgrounds, and evidence-based…

– C-Suite Leader

“The evidence-based approach was refreshing and I was pleased that it was accessible to most, while also including new points and clarifications to those of us already familiar with the…

– Board Member

“This information would have been so helpful to me about 25 years ago!”

– Training Participant

“I appreciate that (most) everyone went through the training and that we have this shared experience and content to continue our work together.”

– Perinatal Care Nurse

“These are essential tools and strategies that providers can use to create change personally and at the system level.”

– Vice President of Student Life, US Ivy League University

“Your training on unconscious bias and stereotype threat – I found them very thorough and engaging. I particularly appreciated the resource section.”

– Perinatal and Maternal Child Health Quality Nurse

“…these are meaningful and timely new resources for Perinatal Healthcare Professionals!”

– Senior Program Officer, John Snow Inc.

“It is wonderful to work with like-minded consultants with such a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and to taking a science-based approach.”


“Thank you for the way you measured and told us about our strengths – made it much easier to think about the ways we want to improve.”

*Subject Matter Experts

Sara E. Burke, PhD; Esther Choo, MD; Brooke Cunningham, MD; John (Jack) Dovidio, PhD; Justin Gomez, MS; Rachel R. Hardeman, PhD, MPH; Salinas Manisha, PhD; Rebecca O’Connor, PhD, RN; Tyson Pankey, PhD; Cindy Perry, PhD, RN; Sylvia Perry, PhD; Sean M. Phelan, PhD, MPH; Julia Prezedworski, PhD; Richard White, MD; Mark Yeazel, MD; Lotte Dyrbye, MD; Sharonne Hayes, MD; Karen, Scott, MD, MPH, FACOG; Nathaniel Miller, MD; Joia Crear-Perry, MD, FACOG; Rebecca Polston, CPM, LM; Michelle van Ryn, PhD, MPH; Anne Waniger, PhD, among others.