Diverse teams in a positive dei climate create best outcomes

The Inclusion (DEI) Climate Affects Every Aspect of Organizational Functioning and Success

Benefits of a Positive Inclusion Climate

Positive deI inclusion climate improves outcomes
  • Improved outcomes on the individual, group, and organizational level

  • Fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving

  • Increased employee commitment and engagement

  • Increased flexibility and adaptation during rapid change

Consequences of a Negative Inclusion Climate

  • Under-performing teams

  • Lower employee commitment and engagement

  • Increased conflict

  • Communication barriers

  • Difficulty adapting to changing conditions

In a fully inclusive organizational climate, all employees can reach their full potential, and the organization reaps the benefit of all employees’ full contributions.

The quality of your inclusion (DEI) climate is central to progress towards strategic objectives


✓  Improve organizational performance and efficiency

⭐︎ A positive inclusion climate increases commitment, motivation, creativity, and team productivity

✓  Become an employer of choice

A positive inclusion climate improves the ability to:

⭐︎ Recruit, attract, engage, develop, and retain top talent.

⭐︎ Meet the current and future needs of your organization and its staff.

⭐︎ Adapt to changing ways of working and cultural shifts in staff expectations.

✓ Improve the quality of patient/client/customer/student experience

⭐︎ A positive inclusion climate improves the quality of care and services to the people you serve.

You know the world is diverse and changing.
A positive climate for inclusion is essential for your organization's success.
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