eLearning for an
Inclusive & Bias-Free Workforce

Evidence-based, Effective, Flexible, Accessible

Our acclaimed online asynchronous and eLearning courses equip learners with scientifically-proven skills and strategies that they can apply immediately in their work and lives.

Whether used alone or as part of our blended learning and live training options our online elearning courses are well-received by learners and proven to create a solid foundation and sustainable trajectory towards true DEI success.

Proven Effective

Evaluation of our online eLearning courses have shown they:

Increase learners’ understanding and motivation to act

Improve the DEI climate and the experiences of diverse team members

Create a common understanding and language for constructive DEI conversations and problem-solving


Designed for complex environment and busy people:

Can be completed anytime on almost any device

Provided in 15-30 minute stand-alone learning experiences

Scalable and can be accessed on our Learning Management System or transferred to yours


Overwhelmingly positive learner ratings:

“I appreciate the concrete action opportunities provided in these modules”

“The content was great…without putting me on the defense whatsoever”

“I was pleasantly surprised how well the individuals on my team who have expressed doubts about this topic received it and observed that it indeed applies to us”

Would you like to learn more?

Before this course I never really understood unconscious bias.  Now I do – and I know what to do about it!

Feedback on “Understand and Prevent Implicit Bias”

I loved it! It was so interesting and encouraging – I can’t believe how much I got in such a short time

Feedback on “Understand and Prevent Implicit Bias”

The course on stereotype threat changed my life.  Thank you!

Feedback on “Creating Identity-Safe Teams by Understanding & Preventing Identity (Stereotype) Threat”