Learning concept

Leadership Skills for a Diverse World Intensive

Series of three 2-hour workshops

Through multi-media presentations, participatory activities, and facilitated conversations, participants will be empowered with essential insights and best practices for achieving organizational DEI goals. Leaders who participate in this program are empowered to understand and take the actions necessary to create the inclusive organizational climate that is crucial for thriving in today’s diverse and fast-changing world. This course provides concrete skills in creating organizational resilience and success in the face of changing national climate and future workforce challenges.

Participants gain practical approaches and strategies that can be applied immediately. Activities in the workshop are tailored to the current needs of the participants, as identified in a brief pre-workshop questionnaire.

In groups of 5-15, participants will:

  • Engage with DEI topics in a strengths-based, psychologically safe learning environment
  • Gain insight from current research on the state of DEI across the country
  • Understand the linkage between achieving DEI goals and successfully achieve all other strategic objectives
  • Learn the key differentiators between organizations that succeed vs fail in their DEI goals
  • Create a shared understanding of their organization’s specific DEI strengths, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Learn how to create the key conditions that are essential for successful DEI efforts
  • Benefit from a large body of evidence from the mind sciences on::
    • The nature, causes, and impact of unintended (implicit) social and decision-making biases and mental shortcuts
    • Known personal and organizational risk and protective factors for bias
    • Evidence-based and practical strategies for preventing bias
  • The meaning of identity-safety and its importance to inclusion and productivity
  • Specific leader action steps for promoting workforce identity-safety
  • How to leverage the benefit of diversity through openness to diverse ideas, worldviews and perspectives (and why openness is so hard)
  • Develop skills in evidence-based practices for creating the best outcomes when opinions and viewpoints differ and the stakes are high.
  • Learn, apply and rehearse essential evidence-based skills and practices for leading a fully inclusive, diverse, and equitable organization.
  • Create an action plan.

Participants will have access to directed self-study, job aides, and valuable resources that provide further information about the topics and strategies discussed. 

Optional add-on: Access to two hours of individualized support and coaching during the 6 months following program completion

Introductory Option: Leadership Skills for a Diverse World Foundations

90-minute webinar-style course provided by a nationally recognized expert

Based on cutting-edge evidence and best practices, leaders will gain insight into:

  • What DEI really means
  • The linkage between DEI goals and organizational resilience and ability to achieve all other strategic objectives
  • Essential mindsets, skills, and practices for leading a fully inclusive, diverse, and equitable organization
Zoom webinar