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Though each online course can be completed individually, the greatest benefit is achieved when both learning experiences are completed in succession.  They are a scalable solution to ensure that all your employees have the foundational knowledge needed to understand culturally competent and inclusive healthcare.  The online learning experiences also powerfully supplement your internal training program and are available to trainers who participate in our evidence-based train-the-trainer program.

Foundation 1: Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is an unintentional bias on the part of health care providers that can influence the way they treat patients from different racial and ethnic groups. Science has shown that unconscious biases can cause us to unintentionally behave in discriminatory ways. In healthcare settings, these unconscious biases can prevent us from connecting authentically with and providing quality care to patients. In this evidence-based online course, you will learn:

  • How the conscious and unconscious thinking systems work
  • Where unconscious biases come from
  • How unconscious biases negatively impact us and those around us
    – The role of unconscious bias in the medical diagnostic process
    – How unconscious bias impacts patients’ perceptions of and trust in healthcare providers
  • Strategies to prevent unconscious bias from impacting our behavior

Course length: 20 minutes
Cost: $35

Foundation 2: Stereotype Threat

Stereotype threat is the fear that we will be viewed through the lens of a negative stereotype about our social group. Science has shown that stereotype threat can hamper professionalism, stifle mutual respect and create barriers between teams. Based on the most current research brought to life by real examples, this innovative learning experience uncovers the ways that stereotype threat can negatively impact performance, preventing you from doing your best. During this evidence-based online diversity training course, you will learn:

  • What stereotype threat is
  • How our membership in different social groups influences our perceptions and behavior
  • What causes stereotype threat
  • How and why stereotype threat can impede performance
  • Specific cues in the environment that can trigger stereotype threat
  • Strategies to prevent stereotype threat from affecting you, your coworkers, and your patients

Course length: 20 minutes
Cost: $35

Empower patients and providers by tapping into the benefits of diversity training in healthcare

Research reveals that unintentional bias on the part of healthcare providers, executives, and support staff contributes to health care inequalities by lowering the quality of patient care and negatively affecting how members of healthcare teams work together. Comprehensive change is most likely when all members can participate in learning experiences that increase understanding of the need, nature, and direction of change.

Evidence-based eLearning from Diversity Science creates the essential foundation for inclusion, enabling your organization to maximize the positive effects of today’s increasing diversity on organizational resilience and success. Online inclusion, equity and diversity training in healthcare is a convenient way to quickly bring all members of your team up to speed in a safe, private environment. Through an engaging, “storytelling” teaching style supplemented by real-world examples, learners identify important behaviors and beliefs that support diversity and inclusion among co-workers and promote high quality health care for all patients.

A unified foundation that applies to every department

Adult learning theory and instructional design principles maximize learning and skill building, motivate learners, and inspire behavioral change. These short online courses communicate the organizational priorities relating to diversity and provide insights, information, and action-based strategies for all members of healthcare organizations, including:

  • Hospital/facility executives
  • Healthcare providers
  • Administrative staff
  • Patient care specialists
  • Human resources staff

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Champion & Train-the-Trainer Certificate Program:

DEI Champions I: Foundations Certificate

DEI Champions II: Advanced Certificate

Obtain skills, insights and tools to be a more effective change agent in your organization

All in-house Diversity and Inclusion trainers have noble motivations, but not all possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be truly effective in enacting lasting positive change. In fact, published scientific evidence demonstrates that haphazard diversity, and inclusion trainings that are not based in psychological science can sometimes create unexpected harmful outcomes. To be effective as a trainer, you must not only have the most current knowledge but also understand the perspectives of a wide variety of learners and have the personal strength and evidence-based strategies to teach individuals with different motivations, traits, and attitudes.

Our in-person “Train-the-Trainer” program is tailored to address your organization’s specific challenges. In a rigorous, science-backed process, trainers learn how to establish the safety and trust that are essential prerequisites for effective learning. Our program instructs trainers to foster learning (vs. performance) orientations and growth (vs. fixed) mindsets among training participants to better enable your teams to overcome bias and prevent discrimination. Trainers also learn how to develop and adapt case studies and role-playing activities which are then used to facilitate understanding and skill building.

As part of Diversity Science’s Train-the-Trainer program, you’ll have access to helpful supplemental materials will support what you’ve learned and help you operationalize and implement the concepts and strategies to fit your organization’s needs. You will also have access to leading experts in the field, who will help answer your personal questions and provide guidance and support.

  • Training materials including facilitator guide/ curriculum, content slides, access to our evidence-based eLearning foundations courses, small and large group activities, and resources and handouts
  • Live distance video training sessions (webinars) that are a combination of new learning, trouble-shooting, case application, and rehearsal
  • Access to written resources and emerging and established scientific research via a continuously-updated web portal
  • Two certificate options: DEI Champions I: Foundations or DEI Champions II: Advanced

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