How We Work

Focused on Reliable Results and Industry-Specific Solutions

In the last five years we have conducted our assessments with over 80,000 participants from numerous organizations including medical schools, graduate educational programs, and healthcare organizations. We have also engaged over 100,000 participants in our online questionnaires, including tens of thousands of health care personnel, medical students, and higher education students. Our approach incorporates:

  • Careful examination of the factors that underlie an organization’s ability to create a truly inclusive and equitable environment for their members and the people they serve.
  • Customizing the assessment to reflect unique organizational characteristics and needs.
  • Analysis of data resulting in meaningful feedback and actionable recommendations.
  • Assistance in developing a full roadmap to achieve your organizational goals.
  • Providing evidence-based strategies that yields industry-specific solutions.

How do we work?

  1. Discovery

    You have expertise on your organization. We have expertise on the way organizational cultures support a climate of true inclusion. We learn what is most important to you and tailor the assessment to create the most meaningful and useful findings.

  2. Planning

    We want your organizational members to participate and to have a good experience. We build trust, buy-in, and acceptance with participants through information, explanation, and survey questions that they can relate to and find relevant.

  3. Development

    Our years of research gave us expertise in getting at the underlying and difficult-to-capture factors that are most important. We use validated measures to develop a questionnaire that is customized to your aims and priorities.

  4. Data Collection

    Data collection is conducted using best practices. We protect participant confidentiality, promote participation, and maximize data quality.

  5. Analysis & Reporting

    Years of research has shown us the need to interpret findings in relationship to each other. We interpret your data and provide meaningful results along with actionable recommendations.

  6. Services & Solutions

    We will partner with you as much or as little as you need to provide services that move you toward your goal of full inclusion, deep diversity, and true equity. We offer data-driven training and consulting solutions.

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