A letter to users of our eLearning, Dignity in Childbirth and Pregnancy:

This project and the resources and courses provided by this project describe painful realities and experiences for Black birthing women. Thus, the resources and courses may have a different impact for learners who have experienced a negative birth experience, with personal experiences of racism, and/ or with experiences of discrimination more broadly. Additionally, there may be a higher emotional cost for learners who relate to the characters in our courses on a personal level or identify in similar ways to them.

Given these considerations, we have compiled some resources that we hope will be helpful for naming, coping with, and transforming racial trauma. We encourage you to take our courses at your own pace and to do whatever you need to process hearing about these adverse experiences and realities. It is our hope that by the end of our courses, you will also experience the inspiration and renewed motivation towards the change that so desperately needs to happen.

Dr. Rachel Hardeman