LMS Administrator

Jana (she/her) is an educator with over two decades of experience working in eLearning as an instructional designer and LMS administrator. Here at Diversity Science, Jana works with the Learning Development and User Support teams to ensure that courses are accessible to clients, the user experience is positive, and the overall learning experience is supported by the best technology possible.

As a former advocate for DEI initiatives in education and curriculum, Jana enjoys DEI work framed for the healthcare industry. She enjoys supporting the company and its ideas for course delivery and user experience enhancements.

Before joining Diversity Science, Jana worked in K12 education as both a teacher and an administrator. More recently, she transitioned into technical writing and e-learning management. She holds a BA in Print Journalism and a MS in Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology. When not working, you can find her watching a baseball game or volunteering at her children’s school.

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