– Thea T., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you! Great way to spend the morning. It was wonderful.”

– T.T., MD, Physician Leader

“Excellent presentation. Thanks so much.”

– Steven M., Healthcare Leader

“The depth of knowledge and examples of fundamentally challenging topics discussed and researched always felt extremely appropriate and helpful in explaining the points at hand.”

– Shereen R., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you, Michelle! Great message and training.”

– Sailaja S., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you!!! So very helpful and many notes taken!”

– Rekha S., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you so much for the great training.”

– Physician Leader

“The presentation was great, the engagements, Vevox surveys and the mural wall. The content was very timely and helpful, full of insights and suggestions for change.” 

– Physician Leader

“The organizers and presenters were all wonderful and the audience shared such meaningful stories and questions. This content is absolutely important – I wish we heard about it more, to…

– Physician Leader

“Excellent teachers and presentation style. Great use of multiple ways to get audience participation, especially the mural.” 

– Physician

Thank you for incorporating this training within (ORGANIZATION REDACTED). As an African American woman myself, I understand the full circle of unconscious bias as both a patient and provider. Again,…

– Michelle D., Healthcare Leader

“Great message and training. Thank you!!! so very helpful and many notes.”

– Maritza I., Healthcare Leader

“Excellent information. Thank you for your time! Loved it.”

– Maggie E., Healthcare Leader

“Great content! Thank you for your time!”

– M.B., MD, Physician Leader

“This was very helpful. Thank you!”

– Lydia H., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and valuable information. Fantastic content.”

– Physician Leader

“I was pleasantly surprised how well some on my team received this training – and observed that it indeed applies to us. I credit your experience, academic backgrounds, and evidence-based…

– Executive Leader

“What I liked most is that it highlighted some of our leadership struggles and showed that psychological safety, appreciating diverse input, and having a learning mindset are really all part…

– Katrina W., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you so much for this info. It was very helpful. It was wonderful!”

– Kamran A., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you, fantastic content.”

– K.G., MD Physician Leader

“Thank you, Michelle and Justin. Wonderful insights and affirmation of what many of us are dealing with on a daily basis.”

– Joyce G., Healthcare Leader

“Excellent information. Thank you!”

– J.G., MD, Physician Leader

“Excellent presentation. Thanks so much.”

– J.G., MD, Physician Leader

“Thank you. This was really excellent. I learned so much.”

– I.C., MD, Physician Leader

“Thank you. This was really excellent.” 

– Healthcare Leader

“Great pace and content.” 

– Healthcare Leader

“Justin and Michelle were great! They kept the team engaged and I really liked the Vevox integration – it made the training even more interactive.” 

– Healthcare Leader

“I loved that we are having this conversations. The presenters made it safe for people to be honest and genuine with their responses.”

– Healthcare Leader

“The virtual format helps those of us who work nights and would find it impossible to drive anywhere for 4 hour classes after shift.”

– Healthcare Leader

“The slides were prompts for the speakers and they did not just read them off. The interactive tools were also great!”  

– Healthcare Leader

“Thank you, this is an excellent course.”

– Executive Team Member

“What I liked most, honestly, was the humility of the presenters and the entire approach of presenting this topic. I especially liked the discussion about implicit biases.”

– Executive Team Member

“Thank you!! So grateful to be on this journey with you!”

– Executive LeaderI

“I learned that diversity can’t really be separated from the other discussions. I never thought about it that way but it makes so much sense.”

– R.H., Executive Leader

“I credit your mindful, attentive presences for how well [this training] was received.”

– Executive Leader

“Our team has more work to do and I anticipate we will likely engage you in the future.”

– Dhanushka P., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you! Such a great presentation!” 


“Thank you for the way you measured and told us about our strengths – made it much easier to think about the ways we want to improve.”

– Christy W., Healthcare Leader

“Thank you for your time! Loved it. Great content!”

– Board Member

“Thank you for dedicating time to this important priority. The time went by very quickly and the facilitator/educator was outstanding. She was clearly an expert in the field but she…

– Board Member

“The facilitator/educator was outstanding. She wasn’t preachy. She created a safe space to learn. And she provided some very practical, applicable tools for how to managing and advancing this work.”

– Physician Leader

“Love the tools and videos.”

– Physician

“This is one of the best leadership development sessions I’ve attended. I’d encourage it to be a required session for all (their organization) leaders.

– C-Suite Leader

“The evidence-based approach was refreshing and I was pleased that it was accessible to most, while also including new points and clarifications to those of us already familiar with the…

– Manager

This program was amazing. It gave me tools and strategies that will help me be a more effective leader and team member. I’m excited to keep learning more!

– Nurse Leader

“All great. I liked the research results and scenarios/examples – the more the better.”