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Providing Identity-Safe Patient Care: Understanding and Preventing Stereotype Threat

Hundreds of studies have shown that our performance and well-being can be strongly affected by being aware (consciously or unconsciously) that a stereotype about a group we belong to might affect the way others see us.  Simply put, we unconsciously or consciously fear that an unfair stereotype will be applied to us. This experience is called identity threat or, more commonly, stereotype threat. Research shows that stereotype threat is prevalent, can affect anyone, and has surprisingly powerful negative effects. You may have experienced stereotype threat, even if you did not realize it at the time.

Unfortunately, few of us have learned about stereotype threat so we are unable to recognize it or prevent its effects.

Diversity Science addressed this gap by developing an eLearning experience that will:

  • Give you insight and skills to increase your confidence, improve your performance, lower stress, and improve your quality of life
  • Give you the essential understanding and skills to ensure high-quality care and outcomes for all of your patients. This is important because your racial and ethnic minority patients, patients with a disability, patients with obesity, gender, and sexual minority patients are at high risk for stereotype threat
  • Help you understand and empower your coworkers, bring out the best in them and others, and support a vibrant and inclusive workplace. Many of your coworkers experience stereotype threat, even though they may not be aware what iof s happening

This learning experience provides practical evidence-based strategies to prevent stereotype threat from affecting you, your colleagues, and your patients.


Continuing education credit available (ACCME/ AANC) 

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