Learn proven strategies for successfully managing diversity in the workplace

As the interface between leadership’s vision and day-to-day operations, supervisors play an important and influential role in the successful functioning of any organization. Creating true inclusion and a positive climate for diversity requires understanding unseen but powerful principles that are always at play. Our science-backed approach provides you with powerful tools and strategies that you can put to work right away.

Elevate your performance by increasing your awareness

Improve your management skills

Become more comfortable with diverse points of view. Help your staff feel more confident about sharing their perspectives and achieving their full potential.

Increase productivity

Learn how to spot the signs of stress before they erupt into full-blown conflict. Spend less time managing discord and more time developing strategies to increase departmental output.

Become an advocate for your team

Enhance your awareness of the factors that are keeping your team from achieving true accord. Become more effective in communicating necessary changes to company leadership.

What you’ll learn—and why it matters

Every organization is unique, so no “one-size-fits-all” approach will move the needle in a meaningful way. Using rigorously tested methodologies backed by current knowledge in the science of diversity, you’ll learn a shift in mindset that improves your core understanding of managing diversity in the workplace. Equipped with these real-world skills, you’ll feel more comfortable in your role as a supervisor and your ability to inspire greater confidence in your teams.

  • Use proven principles backed by the science of diversity to improve your ability to provide constructive feedback
  • Develop skills to think creatively about new situations and emerging challenges as you continue to foster a long-term climate of diversity
  • In addition to core concepts like unconscious bias and stereotype threat, obtain a greater awareness and understanding of influential dynamics at play just below the surface

Choose the training method that works best for you

In Person

On-site training gives your teams the ability to experience two-way feedback during learning as they internalize D&I principles that address your organization’s specific needs.


Allow learners to proceed at their own pace with structured online courses that provide practical solutions to many of today’s most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

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