Gain a competitive edge by achieving a truly positive diversity climate

Today’s fast-changing environment requires all members of an organization to feel empowered to contribute their unique skills, perspective, and experience. The actions of leadership set the tone for a strong and positive climate of inclusion where everyone is able to operate at their full professional capacity.

Evidence-backed D&I training fuels your organization’s success

Learn more effective leadership techniques

By comparing your own leadership style to best practices in the science of diversity, you’ll discover how to close gaps that can undermine organizational performance and long-term success.

Solve problems unique to your organization

In addition to evidence-supported theory, our training solutions are tailored to address the actual, day-to-day challenges your organization faces regarding diversity in the workplace.

Strengthen organizational resilience

Today’s businesses must be able to adapt to personal, social, and cultural change that isn’t always limited to happenings within the walls of the workplace. Expanding your D&I skill set equips you to lead effectively, even in turbulent times.

What you’ll learn—and why it matters

Our evidence-based learning and growth-oriented approach provide practical tools and knowledge that assists leadership in establishing lasting diversity in the workplace. Online or in-person training sets current scientific learnings against the real-world backdrop of your unique corporate environment. Your organization’s leaders emerge with a more advanced understanding of the core principles of diversity & inclusion and how to put this knowledge into practice.

  • Current thinking on cultural competence/understanding and developing cultural self-awareness/best practices for transcultural interactions
  • The role of stereotype threat and implicit bias in inter-professional team process and functioning
  • Issues, common pitfalls, and best practices in teaching professionals about implicit bias

Choose the training method that works best for you

In Person

On-site training gives your teams the ability to experience two-way feedback during learning as they internalize D&I principles that address your organization’s specific needs.

Live Distance Learning

Allow learners to proceed at their own pace with structured online courses that provide practical solutions to many of today’s most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

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