Create a more seamless work experience with science-supported inclusion training

Put proven diversity & integration tools into practice to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing workforce. As the backbone of your company’s human capital, the steps you take to promote full inclusion will have a ripple effect throughout your organization. By learning the core science behind D&I concepts and putting it into practice immediately, you can change the climate of your organization and become more effective in your position.

Integrate inclusion & equity principles into your organization’s DNA

Attract top talent

Discover how current hiring practices might undermine your organization’s ability to find and retain professionals who are at the top of their fields. Develop new techniques to attract a more diverse staff.

Increase employee engagement

Create a workplace where employees feel respected, acknowledged, and understood. Learn to successfully interpret less obvious signals that may indicate problems.

Eliminate barriers to full inclusion

Elevate your ability to understand diverse perspectives and become more aware of the unseen factors that influence employee experience, interactions, and job performance.

What you’ll learn—and why it matters

A positive diversity inclusion climate has been shown to positively affect outcomes on individuals, groups, and organizations at every level. Using rigorously-tested methods backed by current findings in the science of diversity, expert-led inclusion training helps you connect what you know theoretically to real-life applications in your job. With an optimistic, results-based approach built on solutions, not fault-finding, you’ll become a positive agent for change in your organization.

  • How explicit and implicit stereotype threat negatively impacts employees—and how to correct it
  • Revealing the effects of unconscious bias on the path to creating an identity-safe organization
  • How to develop and disseminate your company’s all-inclusive multicultural diversity philosophy

Choose the training method that works best for you

In Person

On-site training gives your teams the ability to experience two-way feedback during learning as they internalize D&I principles that address your organization’s specific needs.


Allow learners to proceed at their own pace with structured online courses that provide practical solutions to many of today’s most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

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