Enhance your ability to work effectively with diverse individuals

For client facing employees, strong relationships are the heart of your job. Making your clients feel more comfortable (or, in the case of medical professionals, making your patients feel more at ease) promotes candor and insight that can help you meet their needs more effectively. Increasing your own diversity awareness using proven evidence-based principles is a powerful tool that fosters comfort, trust, and loyalty.

Develop skills to better serve others

Build rapport

Learn more about how your clients see the world and how their perspective influences the decisions they make and actions they take.

Lower burnout

Inject your professional life with a fresh point of view. Determine why some of the tactics you may have used in the past have been unsuccessful and how you better connect with those you serve.

Increase positive perception

Increased client/patient satisfaction improves referrals and positive word-of-mouth. Foster a personal bond with your clients that leaves a lasting positive impression.

What you’ll learn—and why it matters

Evidence-based training provides you with greater insight into how unconscious automatic responses undermine relationships and how you can consciously counteract these damaging effects. Using the latest findings in the science of diversity, you’ll receive practical tools to and insight to improve your discernment about the responses and expectations of your clients or patients. Digging deeper than the superficial builds trust that results in greater client/patient satisfaction as well as your own professional fulfillment.

  • Effective rapport-building techniques that establish the feeling of mutual partnership between vendor & client, provider & patient, or advisor & student
  • How to prevent unintended biases and stereotype threat from undermining client experience
  • How unconscious bias and stereotype threat damage patient wellness
  • Increase comfort, reduce inter-group uncertainty, and improve client-centered results

Choose the training method that works best for you

In Person

On-site training gives your teams the ability to experience two-way feedback during learning as they internalize D&I principles that address your organization’s specific needs.


Allow learners to proceed at their own pace with structured online courses that provide practical solutions to many of today’s most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

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