Science-backed diversity, inclusion and equity training empowers D&I advocates and trainers to be more effective

Our program provides participants with key skills to effectively manage the challenges that will inevitably arise during diversity and inclusion training. Creating a safe learning environment is essential for preventing unintended harm and for promoting true learning. Our novel “Train-the-Trainer” program shares current findings in the science of diversity as well as proven teaching tactics and materials that prepare trainers to implement D&I training programs that yield lasting positive outcomes.

Why Diversity Science’s Train-the-Trainer program?

Trainers must not only understand the science behind diversity and inclusion principles, they must also be prepared to manage the unique perspectives, emotional responses, and multitude of learning styles that are present in every group. Participants in the Train-the-Trainer program will learn to:

Anticipate the unique challenges of diversity training,

including how to prevent a small minority of learners from derailing or subverting training sessions

Create a psychologically safe learning environment,

which is characterized by a learning (versus “performance”) and growth (versus “fixed”) orientation

Understand the diversity of learners

by understanding their motives and emotional responses, and by developing personal strengths and strategies to work effectively with all learners

Demonstrate strong diversity training skills

by successfully managing group dynamics and acknowledging and respecting alternative—and often conflicting—views

About Diversity Science’s Train-the-Trainer Program

There is considerable evidence that diversity and inclusion training can have unexpected harmful effects. Our carefully developed “Train-the-Trainer” program is fully responsive to the current scientific evidence on reducing unintended negative effects and maximizing positive change.

Tailored to Organizations and Individual Participants

Organizations benefit most from training when the concepts, knowledge, skills, examples, activities are clearly relevant to organizational characteristics, strengths, challenges and goals. This diversity and including training program is unique because it is not based on a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, with the help of a detailed pre-assessment, we tailor programs to match the needs and knowledge of each participant or organization (for organizational clients). Workshop participants learn and retain more when content and learning activities are directly relevant to their needs and lived experiences. Participants will differ in their motivations, prior preparation, their current understanding and in the traits that make them more or less receptive to different approaches. Our evidence-based process is designed to continually adapt to the needs of each organization and each individual participant.

  • Training is based on current scientific evidence
  • Concepts, knowledge and skills are directly relevant to participants’ need and experiences
  • Pre-assessment guides program tailoring and is used a teaching tool, allowing participants to learn how to conduct and use their own pre-assessments
  • We correct common misunderstandings by providing insight into what does not work, along with what does
  • We apply a combination of new learning, trouble-shooting, case application, and rehearsal

Train-the-Trainer Program Overarching Objectives

Objective 1: Trainers will have the latest scientific understanding of factors that affect the diversity climate, and the way they operate – as well as resources for maintaining up-to-date knowledge. Implicit bias is one crucial factor, but it is greatly affected by explicit biases, human motives, and context, among other factors.

Objective 2: Trainers will anticipate, understand, and be able to work constructively with the broad range of backgrounds, motivations, beliefs, and views that employees will bring to the training sessions.

Objective 3: Trainers will have the specific skills needed to facilitate and manage the challenges related to often difficult conversations about diversity.

Foundations Certificate (see requirements below)

Level of Learning:

Participants will demonstrate:

  • Essential core knowledge regarding the science of diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Understanding of effective and ineffective approaches
  • Increased self-efficacy

Advanced Certificate (see requirements below)

Level of Learning:

Participants will demonstrate:

  • Deep knowledge regarding the science of diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Advanced communication, facilitation & training skills related to diversity, equity & inclusion
  • High self-efficacy and overall confidence

Train-the-Trainer Course Details

Delivered by Diversity Science expert trainers, our Train-the-Trainer Program reflects the most current science on achieving inclusion, equity & diversity. Participants who complete Foundations training will receive essential core knowledge regarding the science of diversity, equity & inclusion, as well as understanding of effective and ineffective approaches. Upon successful completion of the Foundations program, participants will have the knowledge and skills to enact meaningful change in people’s behavior through the successful delivery of trainings that are evidence-based, learning-oriented, and strength-focused.

Program Delivery Options

We have developed two distinct learning modalities that cover the same science-based diversity and including training principles. Participants can select the delivery method that works best for their organization.  Both options include:

  • Dedicated online portal with facilitator guides, learning activities, handouts, and resources for increasing knowledge
  • Access to recorded lectures and online sessions
  • Limited one-on-one support through email and occasionally by phone

Organizational clients: Talk to us about universal e-learning for all employees as strong enhancement to the Train-the-Trainer program

Option 1: Online Live-Distance Workshops

Twelve 90-minute live distance interactive workshops (approximately every 1 month) conducted by Diversity Science expert trainers.

Foundations certificate requirements: complete sessions 1-6

Advanced certificate requirements: complete sessions 7-12 (or complete 4 and demonstrate knowledge and skills related to missed sessions)


Option 2: Blended Option

Two days of onsite workshops, facilitated by Diversity Science expert trainers, plus six 90-minute live distance workshops approximately every 2 months.

Foundations certificate requirements: complete onsite workshops

Advanced certificate requirements: complete four 90-minute distance workshops or complete four and demonstrate knowledge and skills related to missed sessions


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