Engaging, compelling cultural sensitivity training for busy professionals

Change how you see the world with practical tools and insight. This is not just another cultural sensitivity training workshop. Using an engaging storytelling format, you’ll learn from real-world examples that are tailored to address specific challenges unique to your organization. Expanding your awareness of diverse perspectives extends beyond the four walls of your workplace. The empathy and awareness you build will enrich all areas of your life.

The best ideas emerge from open, inclusive workplaces

Increase group harmony

Find common ground with others in your organization to encourage greater collaboration been distinct cultures and sub-cultures.

Attract & retain top talent

Create an inclusive environment where all staff feel comfortable and confident sharing their best ideas.

Elevate employee satisfaction

Promote employee happiness and build professional loyalty with an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement.

What your employees will learn—and why it matters

Inclusivity is a powerful asset for any organization. Not only does fostering an environment of strong relationships and open communication, it enables businesses to become resilient in the face of rapid change. Our evidence-based learning experiences go beyond the usual cultural competence training to meet the needs of our diverse world. It is tailored to meet your specific business challenges rather than generic unconscious bias training with no clear application. By using a positive, uplifting approach, your staff will learn to build on existing strengths, not simply uncover areas of weakness.

  • Develop specific mindsets and approaches to creating inclusive workgroups that bring out the best and full contribution of all members
  • Understand shared core human values and generational/racial/gender/sub-cultural differences
  • Build inclusivity into your company structure and learn how to maintain these principles over time

Choose the training method that works best for you

In Person

On-site training gives your teams the ability to experience two-way feedback during learning as they internalize D&I principles that address your organization’s specific needs.


Allow learners to proceed at their own pace with structured online courses that provide practical solutions to many of today’s most pressing diversity and inclusion challenges.

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