An Evidenced-Based
Approach To Inclusion

At Diversity Science, we translate the latest research into practical and effective tools to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. We are a team of social psychologists, data scientists and practitioners with over 50 years of behavioral health, organizational management, and DEI practice. Our solutions give learners the real-world knowledge and tools they need to prevent and interrupt bias, create inclusive workplaces, and champion positive organizational change.

Our DEI Solutions:

  • are led by experienced facilitators with deep subject matter expertise.
  • use behavioral and cognitive science to maximize learning and retention of complex topics.
  • emphasize growth and strengths-based learning in psychologically safe environments.
  • are continuously evaluated by our research team to improve effectiveness.

Mission and Values

Our Mission: to translate the strongest evidence into practical and effective approaches for achieving true equity, deep diversity, and full inclusion for the benefit of organizations, their members, and the people they serve.

In our work and workplace, we are always guided by our values:

  • Strength-focused: we will empower each other by recognizing, valuing, and building on our strengths.
  • Learning-focused: we will continuously learn from each other by creating a safe space for growth
  • Evidence-focused: we will be effective and innovative by leveraging the best available science
  • Mission-focused: we will always act in service of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.