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Organizational Solutions

Our team of DEI experts draw on over 50 years of expertise to design capacity building solutions that empower organizations to achieve their goals. Our solutions give learners the real-world knowledge and practical tools they need to prevent and interrupt bias, build inclusive workspaces and champion positive organizational change.

Solutions Overview:


Build foundational knowledge, shared language and understanding to advance diversity, equity and inclusion across your organization.

Climate Assessment & Roadmap

Identify and assess underlying factors impacting company effectiveness and performance, employee experience and consumer perspective. Strengthen your organization with actionable data and a personalized roadmap to inclusion.

All Staff Training

Empower employees across your organization to create inclusive environments. Workshops customized to meet your specific needs.

Leadership & Board Training

Learn best practices for leadership in a diverse world, tailored to your leadership needs.

Coaching & Consulting

Partnership that provides the personalized support, expertise and tools leaders need to create fully inclusive organizations.

Train the Trainer Certification

Empower DEI professionals to enact positive change and bring evidence-based interventions to their organizations. Learn valuable skills and tools to advance your organization’s DEI initiatives.

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It’s very important to us that we work with people who are evidence-based. Your team has just the right mix of expertise and practical knowledge to be credible to our staff.

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