DEI Training For Your Workforce

Findings from the mind sciences show that without specific training, it is difficult for most people to truly thrive in diverse environments

Our training programs empower staff to work effectively and inclusively with other who differ from them
in background, life experiences, resources, beliefs, family structure, generation, and cognitive styles

Improve your DEI climate and reap the benefits of increased employee satisfaction, productivity, effectiveness and retention

Program Options

Living Your Value: Foundations

Multimedia presentation and Q & A

60-minute and 90-minute options (90-minute recommended)

Participants gain foundation knowledge for creating a bias-free and inclusive workplace:

  • Why and how unintended biases can get in the way of living our values
  • How to prevent unintended biases
  • How to bring out the best in your coworkers

How to Thrive in a Diverse World

Expert led and facilitated workshops

Three 90-minute sessions, about one month apart, with asynchronous learning activities. In this blended learning option,
knowledge and skills are gained and reinforced throughout and between each session, allowing managers, supervisors
and team leaders to rapidly grow in their DEI knowledge, facilitating change throughout the organization

Job aides, resources, live distance workshops combined with elearning & asynchronous learning activities

Participants gain essential knowledge, best practices and skills:

  • Understanding and preventing unintended biases
  • Creating a good outcome when opinions, world-views, and ways of doing things differ
  • Bringing out the best in your co-workers
  • Stepping in and calling in when others exclude
  • Enjoying differences

Crucial Topics

60-minute or 90-minute options (90-minute recommended)

Training on focused right-time topics or topic series, often in lunch 'n learn format

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and interrupting microaggressions and bias in your team
  • The world outside, the world inside - protecting yourself and each other from the stress of turbulent times
  • Understanding the experiences of, and creating welcoming teams, for LGBTQ+ coworkers
  • Understanding and preventing the negative effects of weight bias and stigma
  • Creating true openness to widely different perspectives and world views - why is it so hard?
  • Understanding and preventing everyday racism in life and at work
  • Understand and prevent stereotype threat in yourself and your staff
  • Creating effective teams across generations (From Gen y through Boomers)
  • Neurodiversity - what it means, why you want neurodiverse coworkers,and working effectively across neurodiversity

Combine with our /Executive LeadershipManager, Supervisor & Team Leader / HR StaffDEI Change Facilitator/ training programs for an unshakable trajectory towards DEI success! 

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