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Blended Learning, and DEI Coaching

We specialize in evidence-based training for healthcare, STEM-related organizations, and healthcare professional educations.

You need training that provides proven, evidence-based best practices and the ability to immediately implement actionable, evidence-based strategies that deliver real results.

Our training programs are designed by nationally recognized DEI and implicit bias experts, top educational designers, and skilled facilitators. We know healthcare, healthcare professional education, and healthcare sciences.  Our promise to you is that you will receive the best training there is to offer.

Looking for a top-notch training experience for your workforce? Our team of experts has got you covered. Our training has an over 90% approval rating and great evaluation results.


What We Teach:
Evidence-based Strategies that Work

Our programs empower learners with scientifically-proven skills and strategies that they can apply immediately in their work and lives. Rather than focusing on what should work, we give learners concrete strategies that do work.

Based on Evidence on How to Teach
Maximizing Engagement & Learning in Sensitive Topics

Our learning programs are designed to maximize the integration of new knowledge and skills by creating an optimal “growth and learning zone,” connecting the content to learners’ own values and priorities, and grounding it in real-world examples.


Proven to increase understanding of core Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) concepts. Strengthens personal motivation to champion DEI.

Shown to build skills and capacity to engage more inclusively with diverse teams and colleagues without bias or microaggressions.

Improves team and workplace culture for everyone, and especially for people from historically and socially marginalized groups.

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Who We Work With:

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