Job Opportunity

Diversity Science is seeking an experienced Study Coordinator to implement and manage all aspects of organizational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Climate Assessments, evaluation of training and capacity-building programs, and related applied research projects.

About the Work: Our organizational DEI climate assessments are used to guide our clients with evidence-based and tailored recommendations and programs that will accelerate their progress towards deep diversity, true equity, and full inclusion. We start wherever are clients are and join with them there.  That foundation allows us to partner with clients to support true change. We are a mission-based, client-centered organization with a deep commitment to using truly effective approaches to create lasting organizational change.  In addition, as an evidence-based organization, we evaluate or programs and engage in continuous improvement.  Our primary data collection modality is online surveys, but we also use qualitative methods including key informant interviews and ecological momentary analysis.

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Primary Duties
  • Planning and conducting survey data collection primarily online, but potentially, through mail surveys, telephone interviews, qualitative data collection, and data collection using ecological momentary assessment

  • Online survey set-up and administration using Qualtrics and Question Pro

  • Data cleaning and management

  • Basic analyses of quantitative and qualitative data

  • Client communication and relationship management: Interacting with and maintaining positive relationships with clients

  • Training, directing and supervising project staff

  • Ensuring timely completion of all project activities to high standards

  • Creating presentations for client meetings and conferences, including data visualization through charts, graphs, and infographics

  • Preparing/drafting client reporting deliverables, including monthly or annual progress reports, memos, and final reports

  • Assisting with business development activities and supporting all aspects of proposal efforts

  • Leading project meetings and conference calls

  • Coordinating activities with consultants and vendors

  • Other duties as assigned

Required Skills and Abilities
  • A commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • The ability to work in a professional manner as both a self-starter and a team member
  • Willingness to pitch in wherever needed
  • A sense of ownership and responsibility for success of projects
Technical Skills
  • All aspects of the development and conduct of applied social or behavior science research projects
  • Online survey data collection using Qualtrics and/or Question Pro
  • Basic data analyses using one or more statistical software packages (SPSS desired)
  • Data management including data cleaning, merging files, data reduction and transformation
  • Data visualization through charts, graphs and infographics
Managerial Skills
  • Planning, organizing, and scheduling.
  • Assessment of needs and allocation of human and other resources.  Identify, prioritize and complete key tasks when faced with limited time and/or resources
  • Staff training, management, and supervision
  • Advancing and maintaining high standards for work processes and products
  • Proactive anticipation of problems and problem solving
  • Emotional regulation: ability to be calm and composed under stress
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Client communication and client relationship management
  • Perspective-taking/ seeing things through the clients’ eyes
  • Starting wherever clients are in the journey towards true equity, diversity and inclusion and joining with them to use evidence-based best practices to support growth
  • Strong written and oral communication – ability to clearly describe and present methods, results, finding and implications to both professional and lay audiences
  • Communicating with authenticity, humility, honesty, clarity, and directness
  • Willing to contribute ideas and listen to the ideas of others with an open mind
Desirable but not required
  • Qualitative research skills (interviewing, analysis of qualitative data
  • Skilled in using data visualization software such as Tableau or Domo
  • Experience and skills with complex analyses
  • Interest in and/or knowledge of intergroup relationships, discrimination, marginalization, bias, and/or stigma
Additional Information
  • This is a remote, work from home position. Headquarters are located in Portland Oregon but we have staff all over the country. Must be located in the United States.
  • Flexible hours; however, you will need to be available for client meetings in a variety of time zones and staff meetings during Pacific time business hours
  • This is a full time position and preference will be given to candidates who can work 30 hours or more. For an unusually qualified candidate, may be open to fewer hours or job share.  Must work 18 or more hours per week to be eligible for medical and dental benefits
  • Casual atmosphere and attire; however, professional attire required for most client meetings
  • This is a great position for someone who would like a career doing the kind of work described above in a supportive and mission-based organization; not so much for those aspiring to be independent researchers/principal investigators

Salary and Benefits

  • Competitive salary commensurate with skills and experience
  • Benefits include medical, dental, vision, retirement and vacation

Our Commitment to Each Other

We believe that diversity makes us better. We believe that inclusion helps us thrive. We believe that equity is imperative. We are therefore committed to creating a collaborative workplace where we all can show up authentically and contribute fully to our shared mission. In our work and workplace, we are always guided by our values:

  • Strength-focused: we will empower each other by recognizing, valuing, and building on our strengths.
  • Learning-focused: we will continuously learn from each other by creating a safe space for growth
  • Evidence-focused: we will be effective and innovative by leveraging the best available science
  • Mission-focused: we will always act in service of supporting clients and partners in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

We are proud and committed to be an equal opportunity employer.

How To Apply

Please email a cover letter and resume/CV to [email protected] with the subject line: Application for Applied Research Coordinator Position.  This job will remain open until we identify a fully qualified candidate.  If interested, please do not delay!