Online Survey FAQ

Biotronik leadership has partnered with Diversity Science to assess your equity and inclusion climate. The results of the assessment will help guide organizational actions to make things better for you, your colleagues, and the people and community you serve.

We value the contributions of everyone who comes to work at Biotronik and recognize the importance of equity and inclusion in the workplace for us and for the people we serve. We want to learn more about the experiences of our employees, and how inclusive practices and behaviors are showing up in the workplace. The results of this assessment will guide decisions about how to advance equity and inclusion across our organization.

We have partnered with Diversity Science, a mission-driven public-benefit organization, to conduct the confidential Inclusive Climate Assessment. We decided to engage an external partner in these efforts to ensure that we live up to our values of integrity and accountability.

Diversity Science champions an evidence-based approach to equity and inclusion by translating the latest research into practical and effective tools to support diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. For more information, please visit

We have asked Diversity Science to conduct this Inclusive Climate Assessment so we can:

· Learn how inclusive and equitable Biotronik is today

· Learn about the systemic and interpersonal factors that affect our lived experiences at work

· Create a baseline for continuous organizational growth toward greater equity and inclusion

Employee engagement surveys are very important in telling an organization how employees feel. This survey will give insight into why you feel the way you do. Diversity Science will use the results to give Biotronik specific, actionable recommendations.

It takes most people 12-15 minutes or less to complete the survey. There are places to write in your thoughts and opinions, so the amount of time it takes could be longer if you want to contribute written comments to the assessment.

Yes. We will be sharing the results organization-wide.

The questionnaire is completely confidential. It is sent from Diversity Science, and only the Diversity Science team will have access to the data. No one at Biotronik will have access to any individual answers.

Please note:

· The questionnaire is hosted on an external secure website outside of and unconnected to our intranet and computer network.

· Answers are never linked to a name or identifying information; the questionnaire does not ask for personal identifiers.

· To protect participants’ confidentiality, Diversity Science will summarize the results in a statistical format and report results in aggregate only.

· No one can get access to the dataset and try to identify a respondent.

Yes, you can complete the questionnaire on most mobile devices and any computer that has a connection to the internet.

No. However, we do encourage you to complete the questionnaire at one time. You can log out and log back in as many times as you need, but you must use the link in the email you received, so please save that link. If you have any trouble, email [email protected].

Yes, filling out the questionnaire is completely voluntary. However, your experiences and opinion matter to us. We hope you participate and take this opportunity to share your perceptions and opinions about inclusion in your organization. Questionnaire responses are completely confidential, so no one will know if you participated.

Yes. You can skip any question or any part of the questionnaire and just answer the questions you want to. However, we will get a more complete picture of inclusion within your organization if all recipients complete the full questionnaire. It is entirely your choice as to which questions you answer.

We collect key demographic information so that we can understand how experiences at work may differ for people from a variety of backgrounds.

Do you have any questions or comments?