Why Should We Invest Resources in Creating & Maintaining an Inclusive Climate?

The climate for inclusion climate affects every aspect of your organization’s functioning.

Why Should We Invest Resources in Creating & Maintaining an Inclusive Climate?

The climate for inclusion climate affects every aspect of your organization’s functioning.

A Positive Diversity & Inclusion Climate:

  • Positively affects outcomes on the individual, group, and organizational level.
  • Fosters innovation, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Increases employee commitment and engagement.
  • Increases flexibility and adaptation during rapid change.

A Negative Inclusion Climate is Very Costly Due To:

  • Under-performing teams.
  • Lower employee commitment and engagement.
  • Increased conflict.
  • Communication barriers.

Difficulty Adapting to Changing Conditions Including:

  • New ways of working.
  • Rapidly changing technology.
  • Changes organizational structure, size, and funding contingencies.
  • An increasingly diverse population

Does Investing In an Inclusive Climate Link to Our Strategic Objectives?

Yes. It affects all organizational objectives.

Common Strategic Objectives Include:

Improve organizational performance and efficiency (lower costs). A positive inclusion climate is a necessary condition for your staff and teams to contribute at the highest level.

Become an employer of choice. A positive inclusion climate will improve your ability to recruit, attract, engage, develop, and retain top talent.

Meet the current and future needs of your organization and its staff. A positive inclusion climate increases your ability to adapt to changing times, ways of working, and staff needs.

Provide equal opportunities. A positive inclusion climate reduces common barriers specific to employee subgroups to ensure their development and advancement.

Strengthen/improve patient/client/customer experience and quality of care. A positive inclusion climate improves interpersonal and technical processes in addressing the needs of the people you serve. A negative inclusion climate undermines every aspect of patient/client/customer-facing processes.

What Do You Mean By A “Fully Inclusive Climate?”

In a fully inclusive climate all employees can reach their full potential in pursuit of organizational objectives. The organization reaps the benefit of the full contribution of all employees

Employees can reach their full potential when:

  • They feel safe, trusted, respected, and supported;
  • They believe that they can work with others and contribute without having to hide or give up important aspects of who they are;
  • They are proud of their diverse identities and strengths and able to bring them to work in ways that lead to growth and productivity;
  • They see that others who are similar to them are also valued and engaged.

Our organization does not have much diversity. Why should we allocate resources to something that is only relevant to a handful of employees and teams?

You may not be fully considering what diversity means:

  • Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs.
  • You have a diverse workforce and it will only be getting more diverse.

Our employee engagement survey results are good. Why should this be important to us?

First, congratulations! That’s a huge achievement. Engagement surveys have a great deal of benefit but they do not provide the full picture.

  • Employee engagement surveys do not assess the inclusiveness of your climate. Our Inclusive Climate Assessments often find actionable areas for improvement that the engagement survey did not.
  • Employee engagement surveys do not give information on the aspects of your organizational culture (informal norms and procedures) that provide the foundation for the climate for inclusion.
  • Conduct an Inclusive Climate Assessment – if it turns out you have a highly positive inclusion climate, that information can be used to attract top talent as well as be a selling point with patients/clients/customers.

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