Training that empowers DEI professionals to be more effective

Our 6 part Change Agent Training program shares current findings in the science of diversity as well as proven teaching tactics and materials that prepare participants to implement DEI programs that yield lasting positive outcomes. Gain valuable skills and tools to advance your DEI initiatives through this comprehensive program designed for professionals like you.

Program Details

We carefully developed our change agent training program to empower DEI professionals to enact positive change and bring evidence-based interventions to their organizations.

Training that Fits You and Your Organization’s Needs

Individuals benefit most from training when the concepts, knowledge, skills, examples, activities are clearly relevant to organizational characteristics, strengths, challenges and goals. Our evidence-based course development process is designed to continually adapt to the needs of each participant using skills assessments and reflection exercises.

  • Training is based on current scientific evidence and delivered by experienced facilitators in social and organizational change
  • Course incorporates a learning (versus “performance”) and growth (versus “fixed) orientation
  • Pre-assessment guides program tailoring and is used a teaching tool, allowing participants to learn how to conduct and use their own pre-assessments
  • Learning tools include readings, lectures, case application, role-playing and reflection exercises

Learning Objectives for This Program

Objective 1: Participants will have the latest scientific understanding of factors that affect the diversity climate, and the way they operate – as well as resources for maintaining up-to-date knowledge. Implicit bias is one crucial factor, but it is greatly affected by explicit biases, human motives, and context, among other factors.

Objective 2: Participants will anticipate, understand, and be able to work constructively with the broad range of backgrounds, motivations, beliefs, and views that employees will bring to the training sessions.

Objective 3: Participants will have the specific skills needed to facilitate and manage the challenges related to conversations about diversity.

Change Agent Training Cohort

Upcoming Cohorts:

We are currently re-designing our change agent cohort to reflect the latest evidence-based strategies. You can sign up to be notified when our next cohort is forming by providing your information in this form.

Cohort Includes:

  • Six live instruction classes will meet approximately every 8 weeks.
  • All instruction will occur virtually and assignments may be completed asynchronously.  Participants should expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours on assignments between classes.
  • Cohort size is limited to 10 participants. Attendance at all live sessions is required.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and resource compendium at the end of the course.

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