Preventing Bias During Health Care Crises & Pandemics

For Physicians

Diversity Science: Proven DEI Solutions
Implicit bias training for doctors in stressful times

Course Description

Research has shown that our biases, although often unintended, can influence how we treat patients from minority and marginalized groups. These biases can prevent us from providing equitable, high-quality care to patients from different backgrounds than we do.

This course provides practical and effective tools for interrupting racial biases and protecting your patients from bias during stressful times. It goes beyond typical implicit bias training by recognizing the real, demanding world that health care providers face today.

The course is funded by the California Health Care Foundation and was developed in response to the major racial health inequities highlighted and exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. This course explains why the pandemic heightened existing inequities and biases and empowers learners to interrupt racial bias and protect patients from racism. In addition, the interactive training explores tools to provide high-quality, unbiased care during events that cause extreme demands on our healthcare system, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Completing this course will empower you with realistic strategies to make you part of the solution to racial and ethnic inequities in health care.