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– Nurse Leader

“All great. I liked the research results and scenarios/examples – the more the better.”

– Nurse

“Think the training was excellent due to the way it is grounded in research in the field.”

– Allied Health Provider

“This educational training was on point and did not take lots of time.”

– Nurse

“This is an excellent training course. It should be mandatory for all employees.”

– Physician

“I found it very helpful and informative. I really enjoyed how much information was conveyed in understandable and easy ways. I also liked the graphics and found them to really illustrate certain points.

– Nurse

Your organization has been so helpful and our OB medical director mentioned the content of your module many times this morning in her annual presentation to our executives and quality leaders. I was so proud on Diversity Science’s behalf! #hugefan”

– Physician

“I loved the topic about what strategies are there to prevent unconscious bias. Overall, the course was good, and I really enjoyed that at the end, you also focused on the physician’s well being and mental health so we are more successful together with our patients. Thank you for that.”

– Allied Health

“I think there needs to be much more of this type of training. As a conservative, I was pleasantly surprised. This is the correct way to forge ahead…”


– Physician, Medical Director

“Just as I use science and best practice to approach my patients through conscious clinical practice, I need to … use that same science to address the blind spots that I don’t necessarily see when caring for these same patients.”

– Physician Executive

“I expected to multitask but I was completely engaged. It was great information, well presented, with excellent pacing.”

– Department Chief

“It’s very important to us that we work with people who are evidence-based. Your team has just the right mix of expertise and practical knowledge to be credible to our physicians.”

– Physician Leader

“I was pleasantly surprised how well some on my team received this training – and observed that it indeed applies to us. I credit your experience, academic backgrounds, and evidence-based conceptual approach.”

– C-Suite Leader

“The evidence-based approach was refreshing and I was pleased that it was accessible to most, while also including new points and clarifications to those of us already familiar with the concepts.”