DEI Training for Health
Care Professionals

Effective and scalable training for a
bias-free organization

Empower learners across your organization to create inclusive environments for patients and staff through effective, practical, and scalable training solutions. Our DEI training programs for leaders, physicians, providers, and staff provide the practical tools and skills they need to achieve true diversity, equity & inclusion for each other, their colleagues, and their patients.

Training Solutions:

Leadership & Board Training
Best practices for leadership in a diverse world.

1 session covering foundational best practices for healthcare leadership. 3 hours of training.

3 sessions covering foundational best practices for healthcare leadership. 9 hours of training tailored to organization and leadership needs.

Additional coaching and consulting services available.

Clinicians & All Staff Training
Best practices for leadership in a diverse world.

Foundational DEI training for all, with emphasis on unconscious bias and equity of patient care.

Build the understanding and skills necessary to advance DEI strategies and initiatives at your healthcare organization.

Directed self-study and 3 hours of audience-specific, facilitated workshops— flexible to meet your organization’s needs.

Clinician training in providing high quality and equitable care to diverse populations. Evidence based strategies for protecting you and your patients from bias.

Train the Change Agent Certification
Best practices for leadership in a diverse world.

Empowering DEI professionals to enact positive change and bring evidence-based interventions to their organizations.

Learn the latest findings in the science of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Develop expertise on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion, including implicit and explicit bias and inclusive organizational theory.

Learn the facilitation skills and tactics necessary to effectively implement interventions and create inclusive organizations.

Proven teaching tactics and materials prepare participants to implement DEI programs that yield lasting positive outcomes.

20+ hours of live instruction, eLearning courses and assignments over 6 sessions.

Healthcare Training Brochure

This program was amazing. As a clinician, it gave me tools and strategies that will help me be a more effective provider and team member. I’m excited to keep learning more!

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