Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Training for Executives & Leaders

Inclusive leadership skills are essential for success in our diverse and changing world

We empower leaders in this program to understand and take the actions necessary to create the inclusive organizational climate crucial to thriving in today’s diverse and fast-changing world. This course provides concrete skills in creating organizational resilience and success in the face of our changing national climate and future workforce challenges.

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What you’ll learn—and why it matters

How to Strengthen Your Decision-Making

Discover the latest evidence from the mind sciences on mind hacks and practical strategies to prevent biases from affecting your interactions and decisions.

You will learn how to make unbiased decisions, inspire others, and be a powerful role model for everyone around you.

Best Practices for Inclusive Leadership

Organizational research from Harvard Business School and others converge on one key point: The foundation for a positive DEI climate is also the key differentiator of high-performing teams.

You will learn the essential factors that create the foundation for success in reaching all your strategic objectives.

How to Leverage the Benefits of Diversity

Diversity in a positive DEI climate improves decisions, outcomes, and organizational resilience. Yet, people find it very difficult – even threatening – to work with people who are different from them.

You will learn best practices for positive outcomes when experiences, world views, and perspectives differ.

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Program Options

Introduction to Inclusive Leadership Skills for a Diverse World

Our introductory course is a 90-minute engaging and informative online interactive multimedia presentation from a nationally recognized expert, Q & A, and participant activities.

Participants gain essential insight into:

  • What DEI really means and the truth about the relationship between DEI and all other strategic goals and objectives
  • The latest research findings on what truly matters for DEI success including:
    • The organizational factors that foster truly diverse, equitable and inclusive organization
    • The key perspectives and practices of successful inclusive leaders, including:
      • Insights from the Mind Sciences on social and cognitive biases in leadership decision-making
      • Evidence-based mind-hacks and strategies to prevent social and cognitive biases and make bias-free high-quality decisions.
      • Essential messaging and role-modeling.

Inclusive Leadership Skills for a Diverse World 3-Part Series

Option 1: Three 90-minute online facilitated workshops, one month apart, with about an hour of self-guided activities between sessions.

Option 2: Three 3-hour online sessions.

Both options include supportive materials, learning activities, and inclusive leadership resources.

Our training sets current scientific learnings against the real-world backdrop of your unique organizational environment. We’ll learn about your major strategic priorities and challenges through a brief survey before the training. Then we’ll tailor the training to directly address the issues that are of the most concern.

Participants engage with DEI topics in a strengths-based, psychologically safe learning environment and gain practical approaches and strategies that can be applied immediately

In groups of 5-25, participants will learn:

  • What DEI really means and why it matters to all other strategic goals and objectives
  • The core factors that differentiate organizations that achieve DEI success
  • How to create the key conditions that are essential for DEI success
  • Evidence from the mind sciences on the nature, causes, and impact of unintended (implicit) social and decision-making biases and mental shortcuts
  • Personal and organizational risk and protective factors for bias
  • Evidence-based and practical strategies for preventing bias
  • The meaning of identity-safety and its importance to inclusion and productivity
  • Specific action steps for promoting workforce identity-safety
  • Evidence-based practices for creating the best outcomes when opinions and viewpoints differ and the stakes are high
  • Effective ways to communicate and talk about DEI topics
  • A shared understanding of the organization’s specific DEI strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • Evidence-backed solutions that reflect the latest science of diversity, equity and inclusion

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