We are seeking a new member for our Client Solutions Team.

Specific title, job responsibilities, and salary will depend on experience.

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Diversity Science is a public-benefit company. We are based in Portland, Oregon and have team members located across the United States. Diversity Science champions an evidence-based approach to equity and inclusion. Our mission is to create real and meaningful change by translating the latest research into practical and effective strategies and tools that create diverse, equitable, inclusive, and innovative organizations.

Our team is comprised of people who are committed to advancing workplace equity, inclusion, and diversity for organizational members and the people they serve. Our team members draw on their lived experiences and expertise in social and cognitive science, systems change, data science, and organizational psychology to support organizations in their journey toward greater equity, inclusion, and diversity. Our services include training, eLearning, and capacity-building, workplace climate and culture assessments, policy audits, and consulting and strategic advising. For more information about our team and the work we do, please visit diversityscience.org.


50%-100% FTE, applicant to state preference.

We are seeking a new member for our Client Solutions Team. Specific title, job responsibilities, and salary depends on experience (Client Solutions Specialist I / II or Client Solutions Manager). As a member of the Client Solutions team, you will serve as a trusted adviser to both new and existing clients, ensuring you thoroughly understand their perspectives and needs and connecting them with the solutions and services that will serve them best. After client engagement (contract signing), you will remain connected with your clients, both ensuring their needs are met and serving as their point of contact and internal representative to the programmatic and service delivery teams. The Client Solutions team also works closely with the Director of Outreach and Engagement and team to continuously improve outreach efforts, public relations, and client-facing communications.

Key roles and responsibilities are described below, organized by typical stages in client relationships.  You will handle these tasks with a team of other Partners for Client Solutions, taking turns on new contacts and supporting each other in all areas.  The Partners for Client Solutions team also works closely with the Director for Outreach and Engagement. To excel in this role you should be an active listener, have a compelling sales personality, and a hunger to chase and close new business from cold calls and inbound warm leads.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although these are the primary job responsibilities, Diversity Science is a small and rapidly growing company. Everyone pitches in wherever needed, and that is a core expectation for this position.


This job will require you to develop a deep understanding of our approach, strengths, services, solutions, and the factors that make us stand out (differentiate us) from others.

  • Experience and demonstrated effectiveness in attracting/signing new clients
  • Genuine enthusiasm for and commitment to our mission.
  • Growth and learning mindset. The ability to non-judgmentally and enthusiastically support clients, regardless of where they are in their stage of development on DEI topics.
  • Strong listening and perspective-taking skills. The ability to develop insight and understanding of clients and client representatives.
  • Strong partnership-building skills. Ability to see yourself as on the same team with clients, have common goals, and be on their side.
  • Strong verbal communication skills. Specifically, the ability to describe our approach, strengths, products, and services clearly and persuasively in ways tailored to client needs and perspectives.
  • Strong writing skills. The ability to write, customize, and edit information
  • Cognitive flexibility. The ability to work with programmatic leads to create customized solutions.
  • Proven track record of initiating and successfully driving new business partnerships.
  • Ability to develop and manage a pipeline of opportunities and convert prospects to clients.
  • Experience writing proposals in response to RFPs.
  • Strong written communication to engage wide audiences.
  • Experience with CRM software.
  • Demonstrated ability and solid track record in proactively following through on tasks and activities.
  • Persistence, enthusiasm, and optimism. Specifically, the ability to understand and maintain enthusiasm with a client initial contact to client signing ratio that is expected to be 20:1 or smaller.
  • Emotional regulation skills. Can maintain positive emotions under pressure.
  • Social marketing and pro-social persuasion skills are highly desirable.
  • Experience with complex professional services sales is highly desirable.

POTENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES for the Lead Partner for Client Solutions Position

  • Support development of onboarding and training for new Client Solutions team members.
  • Partner to establish and maintain quality standards for the Client Solutions team.
  • Assist with (or lead) supervision and mentoring for Client Solutions team members.
  • In partnership with the Director of Outreach and Engagement, research the competitive landscape and market trends.
  • Review and improve processes.
  • Define contact and account quality standards in the database, defining processes and data acquisition strategies.
  • Analyze pipeline and lead data, providing key business insights. Typical reporting relates to pipeline forecast and trends, conversion rates, target account, market segmentation, win/loss ratio, and age. Report on key KPIs related to the lead and the opportunity waterfall to implement a consistent closed loop between Outreach (Marketing) and Partnership (Sales).
  • Forecast and develop annual business development opportunities, projecting the expected need for existing and new solutions, services, and products.
  • Establish and adjust product prices by monitoring costs, competition, internal time allocation audit, and current market supply and demand.
  • This is a remote, 100% work from home position. While hours are flexible, we have stakeholders, staff, and clients throughout the United States. The Partner for Client Solutions must be available for meetings in a variety of time zones, as well as staff meetings during Pacific time business hours.


  • 45,000-65,0000 for Partner for Client Solutions
  • 65,000-80,000 for Lead Partner for Client Solutions
  • 80,000+ for Senior Partner for Client Solutions


  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • FSA contributions matched up to $2,750 annually
  • Life insurance
  • Paid vacation, sick time, and holidays
  • Participation in the Diversity Science 401k plan
  • Relaxed, family-like atmosphere


We believe that diversity makes us better. We believe that inclusion helps us thrive. We believe that equity is imperative. We are therefore committed to creating a collaborative workplace where we all can show up authentically, be respected for our diverse perspectives, prioritize connection, and contribute fully to our shared mission. In our work and workplace, we are always guided by our values:

  • Strength-focused: We empower each other by recognizing, valuing, and building on our diverse and unique strengths.
  • Learning-focused: We continuously learn from each other by creating a safe space for growth.
  • Evidence-focused: We are effective and innovative by leveraging the best available science.
  • Mission-focused: We act in service of supporting clients and partners in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

We are proud and committed to being an equal opportunity employer and collaboratively creating and sustaining an organization that is equitable and inclusive. We seek out and value diversity of backgrounds, identities, social positions, experiences, skills, and perspectives.