About Diversity Science

An Evidence Based Approach to Equity & Inclusion

Diversity Science is a public-benefit company that champions an evidence-based approach to equity and inclusion.  We translate the latest research into practical and effective tools to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. Our team is made up of experts and practitioners who bring perspectives from behavioral health, organizational management, and diversity, equity, and inclusion practice. Our work reflects the expertise of our team and deep collaboration with those who are leading change today.

Meet the Leadership Team

Get to know the DEI experts who are leading the way in translating cutting-edge science into practical tools and strategies that are tailored specifically to your industry.

How We Work

We take pride in our rigor and continual improvement of our offerings. Learn more about our process for providing evidence-based assessment tools, trainings and e-learning.

The Story of Diversity Science

We Saw a Big Problem

The massive body of scientific evidence on creating true equity and inclusion is dense, complex, and hard to interpret without deep expertise. We noticed that, as a result, too many well intended D&I trainers and consultants misinterpret or misapply the evidence. At best these efforts have no effect and at worst they do harm.


Lack of Genuine Diversity

Creating real diversity, inclusion, and equity is a tricky challenge and common-sense ideas often do not work. As a result, many current approaches fail — and often may make things worse.


We Had to Act

We are a team of equity and inclusion scientists who have partnered with experienced D&I organizational leaders. We recognize that creating just, equitable and fully inclusive environments is essential to organizational effectiveness and ultimately organizational survival.


Bridging the Divide

The key organizational characteristics that create a truly positive diversity climate can be achieved, but the path is complex and not always straightforward. Using scientific findings and proven methodologies, we translate the evidence into positive action with real impact.


This Is Important

Achieving real inclusion and equity is imperative — and we all need to get it right. Leveraging the strongest evidence and most effective tools is the best strategy to reaching D&I goals.


How We Do It

We partner with you to provide a supportive, evidence-based, data-driven and strengths-based approach to achieving your diversity, equity and inclusion goals. We offer both comprehensive wrap-around services and freestanding services including assessment and audit, capacity-building through training and learning experiences, and coaching and consulting.


Empowering Leaders with an Evidence Based Approach

Our work has empowered thousands of leaders and change agents to address challenges related to diversity equity and inclusion. Here are some of the organizations we have worked with as trainers, advisors and expert facilitators.

Our clients include:

Our Commitment to Each Other

We believe that diversity makes us better. We believe that inclusion helps us thrive. We believe that equity is imperative. We are therefore committed to creating a collaborative workplace where we all can show up authentically and contribute fully to our shared mission.

Our Mission: to translate the strongest evidence into practical and effective approaches for achieving equity, diversity, and inclusion for the benefit of organizations, their members, and the people they serve.

In our work and workplace, we are always guided by our values:

  • Strength-focused: we will empower each other by recognizing, valuing, and building on our strengths.
  • Learning-focused: we will continuously learn from each other by creating a safe space for growth
  • Evidence-focused: we will be effective and innovative by leveraging the best available science
  • Mission-focused: we will always act in service of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

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