Advancing the depth and scope of full inclusion to achieve true and lasting change

The Institute for Equity & Inclusion Sciences (IEIS) is a partnership of scientists and professionals dedicated to advancing the science of diversity. Our mission is to translate the strongest evidence into practical and effective approaches for achieving true equity, deep diversity, partnership, and full inclusion for the benefit of organizations, their members, and the people they serve.

Careful examination of the evidence behind the training

The massive body of scientific evidence on equity and inclusion is dense, complex, and difficult to interpret. We formed the Institute for Equity & Inclusion Sciences to translate this evidence into positive change and action. In addition to careful review and expert assessment of emerging findings and best practices in diversity awareness, the Institute for Equity & Inclusion Sciences conducts primary research that advances the field and informs the training offered by Diversity Science.

Meet the Leadership Team

Get to know the leaders whose decades of combined expertise and experience work in tandem to highlight and promote the most important findings and effective strategies in the field of equity & inclusion.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Our rigorous approach to the science of diversity is evidenced by expert-authored scholarly articles and peer-reviewed publications. Discover how original insight from IEIS is helping to define the future of full inclusion.


Protecting Yourself and Your Patients
from Implicit Biases

How can you prevent implicit biases from negatively impacting the level of care patients receive? Discover the latest research on how D&I training helps healthcare providers deliver more attentive, effective care.

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